Business Opportunities, Benefits, and Grants for Women in Yonkers, New York

Ever thought of launching your business idea in the City of Yonkers or growing an already existing enterprise. Well, the City comprises some of the most crucial resources to help you achieve the success your business is craving for. For more details, keep reading this article.

Why Do Business in the City of Yonkers?

Ever thought of starting a business in the City of Yonkers? Well, compared to other cities in New York State, the City of Yonkers is more affordable and convenient. It is always full of opportunities that enable women entrepreneurs to invest in successful business ventures. The city has spaces for both commercial and industrial purposes. The city also makes it possible for women entrepreneurs planning to start, grow or relocate their businesses in the City of Yonkers. For more details, please visit

Minority/Women Business Enterprise Program

This program was established to support and promote women and minority-owned businesses in the City of Yonkers. The program strives to ensure that women and other minority groups get access to equal opportunities when it comes to the City’s procurement and contracting services. the goal is to create a diverse business community where everyone enjoys equal rights, opportunities, and resources to enable them to thrive and be active contributors in maintaining the economic well-being of the City of Yonkers. The M/WBE program prohibits discrimination of people based on their gender, nationality, race, or color. It works to provide accurate and timely information regarding the available employment, contracting, and other procurement opportunities. The program also holds workshops and seminars for women business owners and also provides problem resolution assistance to those facing certain problems in their various enterprises. To participate in this program, you don’t have to have a women/minority business certification. However, having business certification increases your chances of winning the city contracts. Visit to read more about the program.

Yonkers Chamber of Commerce

The Yonkers Chamber of Commerce works to promote the interests of women-owned businesses in the City and discourage any kind of threats that could bur female entrepreneurs from doing business smoothly. The chamber provides programs and services designed to promote and market the products and services of the Yonkers women’s owned businesses. The chamber aims to achieve one of its objectives, which is providing networking opportunities through special events designed to help women connect to other successful entrepreneurs and improve their skills to enable them to achieve their dreams. The Chamber has a Women in Business Committee that influence its actions and help in supporting the growth and expansion of women-owned businesses. The commitment was specifically formed to improve the number of women leaders and those in the workforce in the City of Yonkers.  For more details about the Yonkers Chamber of Commerce, please visit

Yonkers Industrial Development Agency (IDA)

The purpose of the Yonkers IDA is to carry out projects and programs that are geared towards generating employment opportunities, improving the economic well-being of the City residents, and enhancing the population’s standard of living. The goal is to achieve prosperity and economic development by supporting women entrepreneurs to enable them to start successful businesses in the City of Yonkers. The Yonkers IDA works to ensure these businesses get the resources they need to participate in the global marketplace and compete with other companies. If you are looking to expand or modernize your business or hire more employees for your company, you will not qualify for YIDA assistance. also, you are not eligible for YIDA support if you are planning to relocate out of the City of Yonkers. Find out more at

The Yonkers Workforce Development Board

The purpose of this board is to coordinate all programs that work towards workforce development. The board provides access to employment opportunities to women and the general public seeking jobs. Also, the board avails the most talented workforce to help women-owned businesses prosper and achieve success in the City of Yonkers. Visit for more details.

Women’s Enterprise Development Center (WEDC)

If making your business thrive is your goal, then consider joining the Women’s Enterprise Development Center. At WEDC, you will learn a winning strategy that helps you achieve smart goals for your business. WEDC works to empower women entrepreneurs to enable them to come up with great business ideas, build their enterprises, and enhance the well-being of the economy. By providing a training program to instill entrepreneurial skills in women, business advisory services, and funding support by ensuring they can easily have access to capital to expand their enterprises, WEDC makes Westchester County a better place to make your dreams come true. The center helps women entrepreneurs through every stage of business development, including starting your enterprise, growing, and working to ensure it succeeds in the competitive business world. When you are launching a new business idea, you need to know exactly what you are getting into. You need to know exactly where you will get the resources you need to get you started. WEDC is here to enhance your talent and help you achieve your maximum potential. Want to take part in doing business with the County of Westchester? Don’t worry. WEDC helps you get the necessary certifications needed to help you win the government contracts and take advantage of other procurement services. for more details, please visit

The City of Yonkers’ Department of Information Technology

The goal of the Department of Information Technology is to offer cost-effective and efficient information as well as business solutions to enable women entrepreneurs to deliver services to the community. The department offers technology infrastructure that enables the employees to deliver quality services to ensure your business thrives in the City. They also provide information about the current trends and technology that you should adopt to ensure the use of the right strategies for your daily operations. For more details, please visit

Technical Support for Women-Owned Businesses

There are technical support programs and organization the offers excellent customer services to women entrepreneurs to help them come up with appropriate business solutions. They guide women business founders on new technology systems as well as applications. Visit,-NY-jobs.html to see some of the available technical support programs in New York State.