Business opportunities, Benefits, and Grants for Women in Tulsa, Oklahoma

The City of Tulsa comprises programs that offer business resources for women to enable them to start and run successful business ventures. Please read this article for opportunities, benefits, and grants for women in the City of Tulsa.

Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Program

The City of Tulsa provides support to women-owned small businesses through the Small Business Enterprise Program. That gives you a chance of obtaining contracts on specific projects within the City. Ever thought of obtaining an SBE certification? Well, it is time. Obtaining an SBE certification allows receiving the city contracts and to improve your business visibility. Becoming a certified SBE gives you other advantages, including opportunities to network and partner with other businesses. The program also enables you to have access to educational services that train on management and communication skills that help you expand and achieve success for your businesses. Visit for more information.

Tulsa Small Business Connection

The Tulsa Small Business Connection is a program administered by the Tulsa Regional Chamber. The purpose of the program is to advocate for the rights of women-owned small businesses. The program provides education to small business owners, facilitates their expansion and prosperity, and enhances economic opportunities for women entrepreneurs. Through this program, you can always engage with other female entrepreneurs, business experts, and customers through special events for networking. The program also provides business advisory services to women entrepreneurs through the CEO Roundtables. How does this work? the program arranges groups where non-competitive female business founders meet, share experiences and best practices, and exchange ideas to increase knowledge for upcoming business owners. Through the Business University: Inspiring Leadership Development (BUILD) program, Tulsa Small Business Connection helps to build further the workforce skills to help women-owned enterprises thrive. Read more about the program at

Tulsa Remote Program

Looking for something new to spice up your business idea? Tulsa Remote Program offers you a community to get your work done, meet, and collaborate with other female entrepreneurs and remote workers in the City of Tulsa. The program also offers you a collaborative and supportive environment through special events and meetups to help you network with other business owners and experts to keep you engaged. Visit for more details.

Tulsa International Airport

The Tulsa International Airport provides business opportunities to female entrepreneurs. To help support the operational needs of the Tulsa International Airport, the women business owners can always supply their goods and services. For more details, please visit

Atento Capital

Atento Capital is an organization committed to helping women entrepreneurs. That is why the organization invests in the early stage of business development. The goal is to earn more returns, create quality employment opportunities, and generally support the development of the local and national economy. Some of the featured investments by this organization include BBG Ventures, an early-stage fund that focuses on financing female-owned businesses in the tech industry. Another featured investment is the Bonfire Ventures, a program that supports female entrepreneurs who focus on building software solutions that solve small businesses’ problems. The organization is dedicated to helping local entrepreneurs start from scratch until they can support themselves. You can have access to mentorship sessions investor, and it gives you a chance to have access to office space and other resources to expand your businesses. Visit for more details.

Grant Thornton Tulsa

Grant Thornton Tulsa is dedicated to helping businesswomen navigate the landscape of today’s business world. The Grant Thornton professional service by providing advisory services to businesswomen related to tax and audits. Becoming one of the service’s clients will help you get personalized experiences. You can also get access to resources and skills to help improve your entrepreneurial experiences. For more information, please visit

How to Become a Woman-Owned Business in the City of Tulsa

Ever thought of doing business with the federal government? Woman-owned business certification is designed for women entrepreneurs who are willing to scale their businesses. Although it comes with a lot of benefits, it is not always a straightforward process. Obtaining women-owned business certification requires you to meet certain qualifications. But, don’t stress over this. There is a way you can make get through the process easily and get a bigger step for your enterprise. You can make use of resources, including the United States Small Business Administration (SBA) in your application process. What are the certification qualifications? To become a fully certified women-owned business in the City of Tulsa, ensure you meet the following guidelines:

  • Your enterprise must meet the SBA small business size quality standards. That usually depends on your annual revenue and the size of your business. Visit to find out if you meet this qualification.
  • Your business must be 51% or more, owned by U.S. citizen women.
  • The business must be in full management of women.
  • Women must be the major decision-makers of the company.
  • A woman must be holding the highest official position in the company.
  • Your fair market value must not exceed $6 million.
  • Your 3-year average gross income must be $350,000 or less.
  • Your net worth must be less than $750,000.

Visit for more details about women-owned business certification in the City of Tulsa.

Franchise Opportunities in Oklahoma

Oklahoma records a successful history of entrepreneurship and innovations, that has attracted many women in starting successful ventures throughout the state. Among the resources made available to female entrepreneurs are franchise opportunities. They include: