Business Opportunities, Benefits, and Grants for Women in Tucson, Arizona

Having a business in the City of Tucson? Well, if you are looking for extra resources like funding support to expand your business, you can have access to them in the City. Keep reading this article for more details about the business opportunities, benefits, and grants for women in Tucson, Arizona.

Kiva Tucson

Kiva Tucson provides funding support to female entrepreneurs who are financially excluded. The organization helps the women business owners gain access to capital by providing them with business loans at no interest rates. You can access Kia Tucson’s services through their global online platform and the loans range from $1,000 to $15,000 on a maximum term of 3 years. Many female entrepreneurs find it difficult to obtain capital to start or expand their businesses and that is exactly the gap Kiva Tucson is trying to bridge. Who qualifies for the funding support? Women business owners, as well as nonprofits with earned income streams, can qualify for the funding support. You must be at least 18 years and have your business based in the U.S. You must not be in bankruptcy at the time of application. Have you recently been convicted of financial or sexual offenses? Then, you can’t qualify for the funding assistance. What determines the amount of loan you are likely to get once you qualify for the funding support? Well, many factors determine the number of loans you will receive through Kiva Tucson. For instance, your social media presence, revenue, and quality narrative determine the amount of funding your business will receive. Please note that the program funds are sent through PayPal. You can use the fund to settle your business expenses, depending on your needs. That depends on you, the business owner. Want to apply? Please start your process at

How to Support Kiva Tucson Borrowers

Okay, you can always support these struggling women-owned businesses to achieve their goals. wondering how? Why don’t you become a lender? Every lender has their reasons for doing that. Some people do it because small businesses are the backbone of the local economy and all they want to do is support them to make their communities thrive. Some do it for personal reasons; like support fellow friends’ success in business. People also lend small businesses because they get repaid and that enables them to re-lend and as a result, multiply their loan impact. You can always help female entrepreneurs achieve their dreams through lending. Visit

Arizona Small Business Association

Because the state of the economy keeps changing, starting and growing a business can be challenging. Do you know why? Because despite business resources being available, they are not so easy to access since many female entrepreneurs are busy looking for them. That is why Arizona Small Business Association is there to help you grow in the tight economy. ASBA makes business resources, including funding, networking, and advisory services available to female entrepreneurs who need support to expand their businesses. The organization also organizes special events designed to connect women entrepreneurs with business experts, consultants, lenders, and other successful female founders. The goal of the special events is to help sharpen their entrepreneurial skills and experiences. This in turn helps women business owners make informed decisions regarding the success of their businesses. ASBA advocates for the interests and rights of women-owned small businesses by influencing policies. Visit to learn more.

The Busch School of Business – The Catholic University of America Tucson

The Catholic University of America runs an innovative business program, specifically designed to instill entrepreneurial skills in female students in the school of business. Through this program, women get a chance to learn basic and complex business skills, including, management, business plan development, financing and budgeting, accounting, and bookkeeping. How much does it cost to earn a Catholic University Degree? The average fee female students can pay is below $,8,800 in a year. That enables female students in Tucson to have access to high-quality undergraduate education on business and entrepreneurship. You don’t have to worry about paying the whole fee since there is always financial support in form of loans and grants to make this affordable for you. get financial support at  Visit to learn more about the business program.

Tucson Women’s Business Center

The Tucson Women’s Business Center’s programs and services are available for both startups and already existing and running women-owned businesses. The support you get from the center can help grow your business. Do you just have an idea that you are willing to turn into a successful business venture? Don’t worry, the Tucson Women-s Business Center will provide you with the tools and resources you need to get started. How do you get started with the Tucson WBC? Well, the first step to registering is attending orientation sessions. You must go through this step if you want to get access to one0one business counseling, connect with other successful female entrepreneurs, and learn more. Please note that the center’s orientation sessions are conducted on Mondays. The orientation is carried out In English and Spanish languages. You also have the option to choose the option that fits your needs in the course of registration. You should also know that WBC does not currently provide business funding but can connect you with other lenders, including banks and microlenders to help you have access to capital to run your business operations smoothly. find out more at

LivePlan Busines Plan

What is LivePlan? It is software designed to get you through the process of developing a viable business plan. It helps you fill out every part and even show the samples of business plans in your field. How much does it cost? Now, as a business owner, you will spend between $180 and $240 for the LivePlan software. The Women Business Center covers the rest of the subscriptions, but only for women business owners who complete the class. If you need help setting up your account, you can get help from experts. For more information, please visit