Business Opportunities, Benefits, and Grants for Women in Toledo, Ohio

Are you looking for opportunities to help you kickstart your business idea? The City of Toledo has resources to help you grow your business. It doesn’t matter which development stage you are at. Whether you are just coming up with a plan, have already started, or striving to achieve growth for an already existing business, the City of Toledo comprises resources to make your business thrive. Keep reading this article for more details.

Launchpad Incubation Program

The purpose of the Launchpad Incubation Program is to foster innovation in the City of Toledo by supporting women-owned businesses’ success. The program works to achieve its mission by providing funding and resources designed for business development to female entrepreneurs. The program also enhances the collaboration of partners and provides information designed to help women attain entrepreneurial growth and make their businesses succeed. The program mainly focuses on turning business ideas into successful ventures and help them achieve self-sustainability. For more details, please visit

Minority Business Development Center (MBDC)

The mission of MBDC is to create a favorable environment where minority-owned businesses, including women’s enterprises, can rise and thrive. They are mainly concerned with nurturing women-owned startups and make them prosper in the City by ensuring they get access to equal opportunities when it comes to resources and services. the center’s services include providing training, mentoring, and networking opportunities to women entrepreneurs to foster economic development in the City of Toledo. For more details, please visit

Family Business Center

Family Business Center is a resource for networking, relationship building, and mentorship services to help women entrepreneurs achieve business success. The center holds special events meant to offer training on topics such as marketing, business management, planning, and financing. With over 200 members in the City of Toledo, the Family Business Center creates an environment where women entrepreneurs can grow their careers and thrive in the business world. For more details, please visit

Ohio Development Services Agency (ODSA)

The Ohio Development Services Agency (ODSA) is committed to supporting women-owned businesses in Ohio. It doesn’t matter the size of the business. The agency will help you navigate through the global market by providing the resources you need to make your dreams become a reality. Please visit to learn more about the Ohio Development Services Agency.

Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT)

The department works to support women working with ODOT by helping them have access to resources, including information and tools they need to achieve success for their businesses. Please visit for more details.

Toledo African American Chamber of Commerce

We both understand the difficulties the black women business owners have to go through to have access to the resources they need to succeed in the competitive world of business. That is why the Toledo African American Chamber of Commerce exists; to help your business dreams come true by continuously provide opportunities and advocating for the rights and interests of the black women in business. For more information, visit

Ohio Minority Supplier Development Council (OMSDC)

The Ohio Minority Soppier Development Council works to foster business partnerships between women-owned businesses and those owned by other minority groups with the council’s corporate members. The council focuses on developing and maintain programs that foster diversity in business opportunities. Find out more at

The City of Toledo Department of Economic Development

The purpose of the Department of Economic Development that helps to support women-owned businesses and generate employment opportunities through programs and services. the department also works to help retain the existing jobs and facilitate the growth of new businesses by supporting women entrepreneurs. Also, the program provides business incentives to make your enterprise succeed. For more details, please visit

Assets Toledo

Assets Toledo is an organization committed to helping women entrepreneurs start and run a successful business by providing resources, including training, networking opportunities, and access to capital. The organization also supports the growth of women’s self-employment and works to assist with the available tools to help them achieve success and create jobs for the public. Read more at

Women of Toledo

The purpose of the Women of Toledo is to support women’s economic growth through programs and services that ensure quality at the workplace and marketplace. Women of Toledo provide a support system for female entrepreneurs and workers through the organization itself, connecting them with other successful women, and training them to acquire new skills for professional growth. The organization facilitate women’s connection through networking and mentoring services that enable them to achieve success in their activities. For more details, please visit

Toledo Business Growth Collaborative

The Toledo Business Growth Collaborative is a network of organizations committed to supporting the growth of women-owned small businesses in the City of Toledo. By collaborating, these organizations work to fill the gap in service delivery and are out to help connect women-owned small businesses with the available resources they need and guiding them on where and how to get access to them. The organizations include Toledo Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), Center for Innovative Food Technology (CIFT), Women of Toledo (WOT), among others. Find out more at

Center for Innovative Food Technology (CIFT)

CIFT provides technical support services to women-owned businesses that provide food products. The goal of this organization is to help female entrepreneurs in the food and agricultural industries enter the marketplace. The organization provides support to both women-owned startups and the already existing businesses in the food and agricultural industries. Find out more at


ECDI offers funding support through loans of up to $350,000 to female entrepreneurs to enable their small businesses to thrive in the City of Toledo. ECDI works in partnership with the Toledo Port Authority to help women-owned businesses achieve success. Visit for more details.


JumpStart is an organization dedicated to cultivating entrepreneurial spirit in the City of Toledo by supporting women-owned startups and businesses that bring about innovation that solves societal problems. The goal is to bring an impact to the city of Toledo by driving forward the growth of the local economy, connecting women business owners to customers and resources, and fostering partnership to achieve the long-term economic development goals. Visit for more details.