Business Opportunities, Benefits, and Grants for Women in Spokane, Washington

The City of Spokane ensures a collaborative and supportive business environment to ensure women entrepreneurs thrive. The City has one of the least recorded cost of living that enable women businesses to operate without spending so much and allows them to focus on achieving success for their businesses.

Spokane Angel Alliance (SAA)

Spokane Angel Alliance is a group of investors concerned with helping women entrepreneurs grow and achieve success. The SAA consist of more than 100 individual and corporate members. Every year, the members hold a meeting to discuss the investments and which women-owned businesses to invest in. if you want to take your business to the next level, this is the place. Want to become a member? Visit to apply for SAA membership. SAA has invested more than $54 in over 46 businesses over the past decade. The Alliance focuses on innovative women entrepreneurs, whose business ideas are revolutionary, and have the potential of making a difference in the City of Spokane. The amount of investment the Alliance puts in a company varies, depending on the size and the business needs. For more details about the Spokane Angel Alliance, please visit

Ignite – Fueling Innovation

The purpose of Ignite is to support the growing women-owned businesses through services and resources. Ignite understands the importance of entrepreneurs in affecting the growth of the local economy. Through funding support, networking opportunities, and mentorship services, Ignite ensures that female entrepreneurs are on the right path towards achieving their long-term economic goals. ignite provide funding support through Technology Growth Fund, Emerging Growth Fund, and Kick-Start’s Angel Funds. The organization also ensures capital is available to women-owned businesses through venture capital funds. The organization holds webinars and workshops to enlighten them. Also, the organization comprises the most successful business people to mentor upcoming women entrepreneurs through startups and to grow their enterprises. For more details about Ignite, please visit

Hogan Entrepreneurial Leadership Program

Are you passionate about exploring new business ideas? The Hogan Entrepreneurial Leadership Program exists to help you turn your ideas into something great. The program helps you build your interest and improve your business skills and knowledge through entrepreneurial education. What are the benefits of becoming a participant in the Hogan Entrepreneurial Leadership Program? you will gain more experience, network with other entrepreneurs, have access to more personalized learning, and interact with most of the like-minded people in the community. How long does the entrepreneurial education program take? Well, the program will last for three years and it explores entrepreneurial topics in all the disciplines. It doesn’t matter which industry you would like to join. The program will always work towards helping you make your entrepreneurial dream become a reality. All program participants are eligible for up to a $3,000 scholarship. Find out more at

Spokane Community College’s Startup Academy

Need help starting and growing your business in Spokane? The Startup Academy focuses on educating women entrepreneurs about how to start and grow successful business ventures. The entrepreneurial education program does not just focus on the theory but is concerned with helping you take action and get your business started. Once you get over the program, you will receive a certificate of completion. Apart from education, Startup Academy holds workshops to strengthen your skills and get you ready to take the big step. Some of the areas covered by the entrepreneurial education program include business and financial management, marketing, strategic planning, human resource management, business networking, and management of technology. For more information about the Startup Academy and requirements, please visit

The Eastern Washington Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC)

Need helping to sell your goods and services to the government? PTAC focuses on helping women-owned businesses have equal opportunities when it comes to procurement services in Greater Spokane. If you need help obtaining the government contracting, the PTAC staff will take you through the process of registering as the City’s vendor and getting your business certified first, because that’s a requirement. They will guide you on the available bids and solicitations and how to get access to government projects. PTAC staff work to help you understand all the requirements and what it takes to be able to do business with the City of Spokane. For more information, please visit

Greater Spokane, Inc. (GSI)

Greater Spokane works with the local communities to achieve economic growth by supporting women-owned businesses and striving to develop a strong workforce. Some of the services GSI provides for business development include; assistance with appropriate business site location, support with government contracting, providing information concerning the available business incentives at the local and state level, training, and connections with professional service providers. Need help export your products? Well, GSI comprises a Business Retention and Expansion Team to help you with the international trade services you need to get started with exports. Visit to learn more about the GSI.

Startup Spokane

Startup Spokane is a program run by the Greater Spokane, Inc. and is designed to provide support to women entrepreneurs through consulting assistance, referrals, networking, and marketing. by joining this program, you get access to a diverse community of other female entrepreneurs and successful business people who share their experiences to help sharpen your skills in business matters. You can always raise any concerns and get experts to respond to them. If you have an idea that you would love t turn into a successful venture, the program, through the Mind to the Market accelerator, will help you commercial your ideas. You can network with other successful individuals by attending the startup events in the Greater Spokane Region. For more details, please visit


Simba is a business alliance that is dedicated to building an equitable regional economy in Greater Spokane. The independent alliance works to achieve its mission by supporting the women-owned regional business through entrepreneurial education to startups and already existing enterprises, and consumers existing in Greater Spokane. By creating an interdependent, supportive, and collaborative business environment with equal opportunities for women-owned businesses, the alliance work towards helping to achieve the broad economic development goals I the City of Spokane. For more information, please visit